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Our Four Imperatives

Operational Excellence

Our operational excellence across all processes helps ensure our customers’ success and strengthens our leading position on the market.


  • 5.5 mill.Deliveries to End Customers

    Shipments to end customers in 2021 excluding spare parts and repair

  • 2,000Product Supply Partners

    Our global product supply partner network in 2021 excluding indirect procurement suppliers

  • 100%Green Electricity for Our Operations

    Green elecricity either through purchase or our own photovoltaic systems

  • 54%Circularity Score for Hilti Tools

    Holistic, end-to-end measure of Hilti's circularity score with CIRCelligence methodology, up 2%pts from 2020

Operational excellence is paramount to our ability to provide a superior customer experience. It is equally important for leveraging internal efficiencies and a prerequisite for ensuring and delivering the excellent quality of our products, services and software. However, it does not end there. Operational excellence is also our guiding principle when exploring how we can optimize our ecological footprint – including energy, water consumption and our CO2 emissions. We foster a culture of continuous improvement and diligently apply best-practice tools such as Lean, Agile and Scrum. We are tireless in our efforts. 

Hilti: Image: Red electric Hilti Car
On the Road to CO2 Neutrality

We have already converted more than 3000 cars, totaling more than 20 percent of our global vehicle fleet.

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Photo: Hilti: Story Teaser Circularity
Doing More with Less – Circularity at Hilti

We're focused on generating maximum value from a minimum use of raw materials and resources.

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Photo: Hilti: Story Teaser Oberhausen
Logistical Masterpiece

The complete overhaul of one of our largest logistics centers was an experience we can build on.

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