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High-Performing Global Team

Teamwork Powers Opportunity

Video: Hilti: Big circular Building in construction

Teamwork is one of the four core values shared and lived by our high-performing global team. At one of the largest construction projects in the world, you’ll find Hilti at the nucleus of complex product development, production, sales, delivery and ongoing customer care solutions.

On the southern coast of Turkey, in Mersin Province, lies a jobsite that’s nothing short of monumental. Construction of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant began in 2018 and will continue until at least 2026. The project is so massive, the governments of Turkey and Russia formed a joint venture to build the facility. It is estimated that the plant will meet 10 percent of Turkey’s demand for electricity as a more sustainable alternative to plants that emit larger amounts of CO2.

This is one of the largest megaprojects to which Hilti has ever contributed. Orders are measured in tons and trucks. We’re handling the challenge thanks to a diverse group of team members across six countries, including Russia, Turkey, Norway, the United Arab Emirates and Liechtenstein.

Akkuyu’s contractor, general contractor, joint venture partners and designer are all major players in the nuclear power construction sector. As Sergey Gortalov, Head of Hilti’s power plant business in Russia, explains, these stakeholders entrusted Hilti with this job on the basis of their partnership on previous Russian plant projects.

“You need only to recognize what expectations our partners have of us. It’s high quality, it’s speed of reaction, it’s innovations from designers and safety. We can do that because we are professionals, and everyone understands their role. Trust is very important to us. We have different nations and cultures and traditions and mentalities, but we’re one team with one voice.”

Photo: Hilti: Sergey Gortalov and Alexander Kuznetsov
Sergey Gortalov (left) Head of Hilti’s power plant business in Russia discusses the project with Alexander Kuznetsov (right) international business developer.

Global Project Team

Akkuyu NPP


Project Management

(top) With 15 years experience in sales and business development Konstantin Baniavichius oversees all aspects of project management from Schaan.
(bottom) Here he leads a hybrid meeting with team members at Akkuyu. His team lead Amit (right) and head of Oglaend Manufacturing Herman Holzer (left) also join in person.

Photo: Hilti: Konstantin Baniavichius
Photo: Hilti: Amit, Herman Holzer and Konstantin Baniavichius having a video conference



With more than 20 years experience in specialized product and project management solutions, Hermann Holzer oversees the Ogland Plant operations in Norway. This plant manufactures certain components of the solutions used at Akkuyu, some of which were designed by the engineering team in St. Petersburg Russia.

Photo: Hilti: Hermann Holzer


Account Management &
Onsite Support

(top) For a jobsite as big as Akkuyu, you need more than just the iconic Hilti red vehicle. (left)(middle) Hilti’s has a fully staffed onsite location. Here, from left to right, onsite support specialist Ali-Resat Keskin, Regional Sales Director Mehmet Soydemir, Area Sales Manager Yetkin Cetin, Turkey General Manager Banu-Deniz Cetinkol, Key Account Manager Adilbek Upashev, onsite Project Engineer Ivan Filimonov and project director Alexey Smeshlivyy stop for a quick photo in front of the office. (right)(bottom) Alexey serves as an onsite project lead, staying close to the customer’s needs and anticipating new opportunities.

Photo: Hilti: Red Hilti Vehicle
Photo: Hilti: Sales Management Team
Photo: Hilti: Alexey Smeshlivyy


Engineering Logistics

Many different back office teams and talents within Hilti Russia work to make the Akkuyu project a success. (right)(top right) Engineer Natali Mishina took the customer’s specifications and created engineered drawings based on the plant’s needs. (left)(top left) Elena Kokoryukina, in logistics operations, helped to make sure the various components in drawings like Natali’s were available and shipped when needed.

Photo: Hilti: Natali Mishina and Elena Kokoryukina
Photo: Hilti: Elena Kokoryukina
Photo: Hilti: Natali Mishina


Business Development

Hilti’s business model relies heavily on being close to our customers. With more than 20 years experience, Sergey Gortalov, head of business for energy and industry in Russia (top right) discusses the solutions at Akkuyu with Alexander Kuznetsov (top left). Sergey’s role in understanding the challenges of nuclear construction helped embed Hilti with most of the key stakeholders at Akkuyu when they were working on previous projects.
Alexander (bottom right), with 3 years experience at Hilti, was at the forefront of understanding the cable tray solutions Hilti is currently supplying in Turkey.

Photo: Hilti: Sergey Gortalov and Alexander Kuznetsov
Photo: Hilti: Sergey Gortalov and Alexander Kuznetsov
Photo: Hilti: 2 people sitting at a table talking

Generating a solution

“At Akkuyu, years before the construction fencing went up, our team was already analyzing how to introduce solutions in the form of engineered products. They convinced all Akkuyu’s stakeholders to take our cable management solution,” says Alexander Kuznetsov, International Business Developer.

“Because of the joint venture, and where we manufacture, we must consider Russian and Turkish rules. When we started to work with cable management systems on this project, the main pain points for the designer were that they needed up-to-date 3D libraries for BIM, high seismic standards for the tray supports and extra protective coating on the trays themselves.”

All solutions also had to meet strict standards established by both Russian and Turkish authorities. Hilti’s portfolio of cable management offerings, which was further extended by the acquisition of Oglaend System in 2018, already covered a wide range of applications, but it was clear that more development would need to happen.

“Due to the nature of the nuclear industry, our client has very tight technical specifications which required us to modify our products, provide extensive testing and full documentation of our offered product portfolio,” says Herman Holzer, General Manager of Oglaend System.

Hilti further simplified the process through an agreement to produce one of the main components of the system in Turkey. In a matter of months, the manufacturing operation was up and running. This helps ensure product compliance with national regulations and avoids the complexities of import.

  • 30+Team members

    dedicated to the project

  • 6Countries

    Teams from 6 countries support plant construction

“There’s no I in team”

Whether it’s engineering logistics, finance, purchasing or legal, almost no part of Hilti is untouched by this project.

Natali Mishina, a Hilti technical engineer, was just one of the former Oglaend team members assigned to make detailed drawings and specifications from Hilti and Oglaend solutions that met the Akkuyu project’s requirements.

Photo: Hilti: Natali Mishina and Elena Kokoryukina
Engineer Natali Mishina (right) and logistics operations manager Elena Kokoryukina (left).

“After the assignment, I read some information about this station and realized how excited I was to be working on it. In the early stages, deadlines for providing the engineering solution drawings and specifications were very short. The help and support from the team remains one of the key criteria for success.”

On the manufacturing side, components for Akkuyu solutions are produced in Oglaend plants in both Norway and Russia, where significant investments were made to increase output.

Elena Kokoryukina, a logistics operations manager, oversees – in some cases – the literal nuts and bolts of routing, summarizing and creating charges for customer orders. “We have a nice Russian proverb – ‘Один в поле не воин.’ In English it translates to ‘no man is an island.’ I think this is very apt for project business.”

At the nucleus

Almost 20,000 professionals stream into the Akkuyu site daily. Among the many workers are the Hilti team members there to staff our small on-site retail store, repair center and office space. Mehmet Sodemir, Sales Director for the Turkish market organization, is a frequent visitor. He oversees sales at Akkuyu and the rest of the country.

“I am so glad that we have a fantastic global team that is directly and indirectly supporting us on every dimension,” said Mehmet. “Our colleagues all around the world are ready to support us. They all know how important the project is and how their contribution makes a difference to engaging with our customer.”

After some experience in Russia, Alexey Smeshliviy, local Key Project Manager, was appointed to the role as part of Hilti’s approach to developing team members’ strengths and abilities. “Even after eight years in sales and project management, one of the most exciting and interesting parts of this work is the experience I’m now gathering,” he says. “Every day you learn something new; there’s a customer with a new challenge. But still, it’s interesting to solve the problem with the team.”

Our colleagues all around the world are ready to support us. They all know how important the project is and how their contribution makes a difference to engaging with our customer.

Mehmet Sodemir, Sales Director for the Turkish market organization

Ongoing results

All parts of the project are overseen from Schaan, Liechtenstein. That’s where Konstantin Baniavichius, Global Segment Manager for nuclear business, stays in constant communication with weekly, and sometimes daily, calls with team members in all geographical areas. 

“Keeping a finger on the pulse is a major undertaking,” says Konstantin. “Sometimes customers joke that Hilti knows internal Akkuyu processes better than anyone else on the jobsite. We’re already providing solutions with our other product lines, and with the first order of cable management solutions in place, we have a sense of confidence that our work will pay off. There are many challenges and opportunities, but with a great team, we manage it professionally.”

Photo: Hilti: 3 men standing in front of a laptop discussing something
Project leader Konstantin Baniavichius (left), Head of Hilti’s Power segment Amit Salhotra (center) and Head of Oglaend Norway Manufacturing Herman Holzer (right).