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Our Four Imperatives

Direct Customer Relationships

We maintain direct relationships and close partnerships with our customers in the construction industry.


  • 280,000Customer Contacts per Day

    Customer contacts per day across entire Hilti world in 2021

  • 6,500Customer Trainings Delivered per Day

    Digital and physical customer trainings in 2021 such as product and software demos, health & safety trainings, engineering webinars, onsite testing or analysis etc.

  • >18,000Hilti Team Members in the Field

    More than half of our >31,000 employees worked in the field in 2021

  • >140#BIM Projects Supported

    100 BIM projects supported across Europe, other regions developing fast; >350 Hilti team members dedicated to BIM projects

We live in challenging times and our customers are exposed to these challenges on a daily basis. Regulations and compliance requirements are growing, developers are requesting more demanding architecture, skilled workers are increasingly hard to find and the pace of industry digitalization is increasing. Only by staying close to our customers can we help them address their challenges regarding design, product selection, software, training, repair and logistics. We aim to be the “productivity partner” for our customers, with our services playing a clearly defined and central role. We have our own organizations with highly competent teams all over the world – international customers can rely on us wherever they are. 

BIM: The All Business “Plug and Play”

Construction sites are full of data, and we’re harnessing the power of that information in more ways than one.

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Photo: Hilti: Story Teaser Hilti+Fieldwire
Hilti + Fieldwire: A Productivity Partnership on the Digital Frontier

Hilti and newly acquired Fieldwire stand ready to further energize and amplify a new type of jobsite productivity.

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Photo: Hilti: Story Teaser Jaibot
Jaibot Saves Workers’ Shoulders

Developments in jobsite robotics and exoskeleton suits are increasing worker safety for overhead tasks.

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Photo: Hilti: Story Teaser OnTrack
Keeping Track of Inventory Effortlessly

With the latest generation of ON!Track, customers can make their warehouses and jobsites connected.

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