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The Engine of a Great Place to Work

Photo: Hilti: Two people with a laptop smiling

Hilti Account Manager Roxana Gaita ended up investing more than a year, and well over 100 touch points, to help her customer understand the benefits of signing a contract with Hilti. The lockdown was an unexpected curve midway through this journey. But thanks both to her supportive coach and to closely collaborating with her colleagues, Roxana learned to grow.

Roxana managed to compensate for the lack of in-person interactions and proved herself resourceful with the help of coaching from her area sales manager. She worked sprints with the aid of a Hilti field engineer, product manager and marketing manager to counter the competition’s offers and swivel back to a win-win approach. She delivered her ‘from-home work’ by phone, online or, whenever possible, via the jobsite manager. Her efforts paid off. Eventually, a clear no turned into a possible maybe and then into a resounding yes. What ended up making the difference? We asked the parties involved, and their answers were not surprising: working as a tight-knit team, doing one’s best within any given circumstances, and clearly focusing on delivering utmost value to the customer – all of this ended up fueling the ticket to success. 

A great place to work: For Roxana, working on solutions close to her customers...
Photo: Hilti: Two people drilling at a construction site
... plus working with an inspiring and motivated team, are crucial.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Macon Grup is a focus client in the building construction (BC) trade area. While most customers benefit from solutions in one or two fields (installation, fire protection, fleet management, etc.), BC customers have a wider scope. They typically run projects that can, potentially, leverage a multitude of Hilti solutions. This requires account managers to be both technically savvy and perceptive and compelling in the stories they tell. They also depend on engaging colleagues who can support with specialized expertise – early and often: from the start, more hands on deck is common practice with BC customers.

By 2020, when Roxana Gaita took over the Macon Grup account, a contract with Hilti hadn’t been signed. Much of the legwork had already been done, so it was a question of reevaluating the situation, with an even stronger focus on the client’s perspective. Roxana benefited from ticking other boxes as well: she is a civil engineer and she understands how to leverage teamwork. Where there’s a will, there’s a way is the mantra she lives and operates by.

Photo: Hilti: Andrei Luca

What led to sealing the deal was teamwork – both within Hilti as well as with customer – and I couldn’t say this enough. Teamwork has become a buzzword in business these days, but the easiest way to test whether there is substance to it is to look at the results. I’d say they are pretty compelling in this case.

Andrei Luca , Field Engineer

Shining the light on internal processes

“The contact restrictions triggered by the pandemic felt like we were taking one step forward and two steps back. I had no choice other than to continuously adapt and innovate. My area sales manager witnessed this challenging twist to my journey and, being an experienced salesperson himself, he could not only relate to how I felt, but also to what the client faced – stifling delays, increased costs and uncertainty regarding cash flow. He coached me to be resilient, make the most of what I could control and to show empathy for the clients’ situation.

I realized that I could supercharge our support by placing even more emphasis on linking the customer with Hilti specialists. Based on that realization, my colleagues and I worked in agile sprints, coming up with offers that were better tailored to the needs of the customer. I caught myself thinking more than once: ‘So, this is what truly effective teamwork is all about.’ In addition, when I ended up tired and at my wits’ end, my colleagues cheered me up without rolling their eyes for having to meet for the umpteenth time. That’s really cool to experience! Far from making me feel less in charge, this safety net gave me much needed confidence and grit. Knowing I could count on my supportive and knowledgeable colleagues along the way made all the difference. That’s how I learned what ‘a great place to work’ really means. To the excitement of all of us, we signed the contract in the second half of 2022.

I asked my customer, what it was that flipped the switch? What caused them to say yes after having said no until now? Their answer: feeling heard and understood. Being there for them, on site or on the phone, with an eye on spotting improvement opportunities and guiding them to solutions without being overly pushy.”

Photo: Hilti: Monica-Gabriela Ritan

Macon gave us an incredible opportunity to show that Hilti means business! So, we clustered into a project team that met the client’s needs on virtually every aspect: from technical specifications and pricing, to being ever present on site and spotting ways to enhance safety and productivity.

Monica-Gabriela Ritan, Pricing Manager
Photo: Hilti: A person works with the TE 2000-22

This has been a long journey, that tested both our technical savviness as well as our team spirit and emotional intelligence. Yet it was worth it! We are better for it... and it opened the door for additional contracts, of which Fleet Management is already running as we speak.

Ion Cojan, Areal Sales Manager

The nurturing of one of the world’s best workplaces

“In the past few years, Hilti has ranked ever higher among the world’s best workplaces. Quite a few people started asking me what makes it ‘a great place to work’. To me, it all boils down to the culture and people. At Hilti, my development – as well as my colleagues’ – builds on strengths, instead of focusing on potential weaknesses. That’s not to say that we put on rose-colored glasses and ignore areas for improvement. But we act upon the wisdom that people thrive most when doing more of what they are good at, instead of fixating on weaknesses that may take a long time to correct or even eliminate. Our company values set a clear foundation: Regardless of one’s preferences and abilities, we all agree that courage, integrity, teamwork and commitment are the baseline for whatever we do.”

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In 2022, Hilti ranked 8th in the Great Place to Work’s (GPTW) World’s Best Workplaces list. GPTW gains insights from over 100 million employees in 90 countries worldwide. They rank companies based on six criteria: trust between employees and leadership, sustainable value creation, leadership effectiveness, lived values, the commitment and motivation of employees to contribute to innovation, and the extent to which all employees can maximize their potential. The ranking captures the perspective of both the employees and the organization, the former accounting for two-thirds of the final score.

Photo: Lead 2030

When working together we value and reward integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment. Discover how Our Foundation contributes to Making Construction Better.

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