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Hilti Corporation
Global Corporate Communications
PO Box 333, 9494 Schaan, Liechtenstein


Oliver Müller-Kengelbach
Head of Global Corporate Communications and Events


Kirchhoff Consult AG (Hamburg, Germany),
Hilti Global Corporate Communications and Global Brand Management


Editorial team

Sabrina Feliu (Lead), Loveleen Arora, Rhizlaine Benabid,
Nadine Bernhardt, Florian Kaefer, Matthias Hassler, 
Chris Larson, Manuela Mylonas, Lena-Sophia Nachbaur,
Dan Phillips, Kristina Rancic, Olga Zharkova 


Editorial and proofreading support

TextControl AG (Zürich, Switzerland) 


Design team

Kirchhoff Consult AG, Benno Erhardt

Photography and images

Hilti Group: Emma Bilz, Uli Reitz, regional and local teams as assigned (details upon request) 
Reinhard and Luca Fasching (Bregenz, Austria), iStock, Mika Huisman


Video production

Hilti Group: Lukas Gruber, Felix Reichstein
FilmFabrik (Vaduz, Liechtenstein)


Image processing

Kirchhoff Consult AG (Hamburg, Germany) 


We would like to thank our customers, employees and partners for their support. The Company Report is published in English only. Duplication, even in part, only with permission of the publisher.