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The Indispensable Role of Innovation in Construction Safety

Photo: Hilti: View from above on a construction site

In the high-stakes world of construction, safety is not just a priority, but a necessity. This industry, often challenged by risky and unsafe working conditions, is undergoing a significant change driven by innovative technologies and practices. Hilti is at the heart of this transformation.

From tools equipped with advanced safety features to the groundbreaking use of exoskeletons, robots and Building Information Modeling (BIM), Hilti not only contributes to a safer work environment, but it is actively shaping a new era where safety and productivity reinforce each other.

At Hilti, we appreciate and fully embrace the growing importance of health and safety in the global construction industry. Safeguarding the health and welfare of workers which in turn increases productivity for our customers and makes construction more attractive for talent, is at the core of our strategy.

Johannes Wilfried Huber, Head of the Diamond Systems Business Unit

Safety-Enhancing Technologies: A Leap in Worksite Protection

Recognizing the risks involved in everyday tasks, the first step is always to try and find an alternative method for a process that may harbor risk.

Using BIM, safety can be engineered into a project from the outset. By creating virtual tours, BIM allows project managers to identify risk areas and adapt the design of a building project in the early phase. Hilti’s BIM Design Services reduce the number of steps on the jobsite, help avoid waste and eliminate the need to resolve problems once work has commenced on-site.

Photo: Hilti: A phone in someone´s hand, a virtual 3 D model of a building is coming out of the phone
With BIM, the entire construction team, from architects to workers, gains access to a shared knowledge resource. This promotes safety awareness and compliance during the entire project.

When a substitute for a risky process cannot be found, innovative technologies with built-in safety features help enhance safety on the jobsite. Hilti has developed a range of safety features that address the most pressing concerns among construction workers.

  • Photo: Hilti: Closeup, somebody holding a Hilti tool and working with it on wood
    Hilti’s Active Vibration Reduction technology significantly lowers vibration in power tools, reducing the risk of injury and negative long-term health effects resulting from vibrations. This enables safer, longer use – an especially important factor when operating heavy-duty tools.
  • Photo: Hilti: Someone is drilling concrete with a Hilti tool
    Dust Removal Systems help mitigate the risk of harmful dust on construction sites and are key to Hilti’s efforts to make construction better. Hilti’s end-to-end solutions protect workers from the health risks associated with inhaling fine dust particles, while also contributing to a cleaner and safer work environment.
  • Photo: Hilti: Closeup, somebody working with a Hilti tool, cutting metal
    Hilti’s Senstec technology enhances safety in tools and machinery by using advanced sensors. Senstec prevents accidents by automatically shutting down a tool if it operates unsafely or when a tool being used, such as a saw, comes dangerously close to a worker. This technology ensures a quick response to hazards, keeping workers safe from potential harm.
  • Photo: Hilti: Somebody is using a Hilti drill in a construction hall
    Hilti’s tethering solutions effectively prevent the common hazard of dropped objects on construction sites. By securing tools to either workers or their workstations, these systems significantly reduce the risk of injuries caused by falling equipment. This straightforward yet impactful solution addresses a prevalent safety issue in the construction industry.
  • Photo: Hilti: Closeup, somebody working with a Hilti tool, cutting metal
    The 3D ATC system switches off the tool and activates the tool’s disc brake if there is sudden, uncontrolled movement in any direction.
  • Photo: Hilti: Closeup, somebody working with a Hilti tool, cutting metal
    Our Nuron tools focus on our customers’ safety by increasing the range of cordless power tools and helping to protect teams on jobsites everywhere. Replacing conventional gas-powered tools with battery-powered tools also eliminates exhaust fumes. At the same time, trip hazards associated with corded tools are minimized.

The Power of Exoskeletons: Easing the Physical Burden

In the field of human augmentation, exoskeletons are specifically tailored to assist construction workers with physically demanding tasks. These exoskeletons are designed to act in harmony with the body’s natural movements, offering ergonomic support that is designed to reduce fatigue. They play a crucial role in enhancing safety and health on construction sites by aiding workers during strenuous manual tasks. This support from exoskeletons not only makes demanding tasks more manageable, but also aims to reduce physical stress for the worker, ultimately boosting overall productivity on the jobsite.

  • Photo: Hilti: A man with a white helmet and a mask wearing the Hilti Exo-Skeleton and working overhead with a Hilti tool
    Hilti’s EXO-S shifts weight from the arms to the hips using forearm supports and mechanical cable technology, reducing muscle and shoulder load by up to more than 40 percent in certain applications.
  • Photo: Hilti: 2 men with green shirts and white helmets working overhead with Hilti tools
    The EXO series is highly beneficial for overhead fastening, drilling, drywall installation and acoustic ceiling work, which require repetitive overhead movement.
  • Photo: Hilti: A man on a construction site wearing a Hilti tool on his back and working with another Hilti tool in his hands
    The EXO-T-22 makes the handling of heavy tools almost effortless.
  • Photo: Hilti: A man on a construction site wearing a Hilti tool on his back and working with another Hilti tool in his hands
    Resembling a hiker’s backpack and based on the Nuron platform, this electro mechanic tool balancer assists in demanding wall breaking or drilling jobs when using tools weighing up to 17kg.

With the increasing adoption of exoskeletons across various industries, including construction, we are moving towards a future where such technologies become an integral part of workers’ equipment. This advance heralds a new era where enhanced safety and improved human performance become the norm in the physically demanding construction sector.

Photo: Hilti: Man with protection goggles and a helmet sitting and talking, construction site and a Hilti tool are in his background
Hear what our customers have to say about the Hilti Nuron EXO-T-22 tool balancer.

Robotics: Pioneering a Safer Approach to Risky Tasks

While exoskeletons enhance the physical strength of workers, jobsite robotics take over physically demanding and repetitive tasks, eliminating manual work and the associated risks. Robots can handle challenging activities like welding or working at heights, lessening accident risks. Hilti’s BIM-enabled Jaibot, for example, specializes in overhead drilling and removes the dangers of repetitive manual work in challenging positions.

Photo: Hilti: A man steering the Hilti Jaibot on a construction site
By eliminating the potential risks associated with overhead installation, the Hilti Jaibot allows customers to keep worker health and safety a priority.

From cutting-edge hardware to robotics, innovative software and dedicated services, Hilti ensures a holistic approach to safety in construction.

Johannes Wilfried Huber, Head of Diamond Systems Business Unit

Forging a Safer Future Through Innovation

Hilti is committed to transforming the construction industry, not just in productivity but also in setting new standards for jobsite safety. These advances are steering us towards a future with fewer construction-related accidents and fatalities. We envision an industry where safety is as fundamental as the remarkable structures that the construction industry builds.

Photo: Lead 2030

Safety is an integral part of our customer promise. Discover how with Lead 2030 Hilti is Making Construction Better.

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