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Where Innovation Meets Creativity: Building a Great Place to Work

Photo: Hilti: Some people sitting in a lobby with cups in their hands talking

Hilti has consistently ranked on the World’s Best Workplaces list by Great Place to Work® for over a decade, achieving #12 worldwide and #8 in Europe in the 2023 rankings. Notably, Hilti is listed #3 in the US for Best Workplaces in Construction.

With 90 percent of our team members affirming Hilti as a great place to work, our commitment to providing an engaging and inspiring employee experience is evident.

For Hilti, being among the top workplaces means creating a meaningful employee experience for everyone, everywhere. Whether you work remotely, on-site or a combination of both, Hilti offers the necessary equipment and hybrid working models that allow for a balance between personal and professional life. This includes flexible, inclusive work options and the creation of spaces – both digital and physical – that empower our people, enable innovation and foster collaboration.

Photo: Hilti: 2 women with laptops sitting in a lobby
Photo: Hilti: Portrait of Jahangir Doongaji

We aim to create a workplace environment where people feel inspired. From cutting-edge offices to eco-conscious store designs and manufacturing hubs, we’re redefining the Hilti work experience, focusing on flexibility, diversity, equity and inclusion.

Jahangir Doongaji, CEO

“We aim to create a workplace environment where people feel inspired. From cutting-edge offices to eco-conscious store designs and manufacturing hubs, we’re redefining the Hilti work experience, focusing on flexibility, diversity, equity and inclusion.” says Hilti CEO Jahangir Doongaji. Our workplaces are more than just locations – they are spaces that emphasize our caring and performance-oriented culture, strengthen the connection between people and let them collaborate more productively in new and inspiring environments, including hybrid settings to enable productive work, remotely and on site.

Photo: Hilti: Portrait of Sabine Krauss

As each individual team member is different, so too are their requirements at each stage of life. That’s why Hilti offers flexibility in terms of working hours and location, enabling daily work to be adapted to personal needs.

Sabine Krauss, Head of Global HR, Hilti Headquarters

Where we work has become a key driver in attracting the most talented candidates. Hear directly from our global Hilti community about their experiences in these appealing environments. In 2023, we celebrated new openings – from offices to plants to new store concepts.

Use our interactive map to discover what makes Hilti an award-winning place to work, from the perspectives of those who know it best: our team members.

Our award-winning places to work

Hilti Store Nieuwegein, The Netherlands

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Hilti Headquarters Schaan, Liechtenstein

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Chemical Innovation Center Kaufering, Germany

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Dallas National Distribution Center Lewisville, Texas, USA

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Plant in Kecskemét Kecskemét, Hungary

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Plant in Gujarat Gujarat, India

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International School Rheintal Buchs, Switzerland

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Nieuwegein, The Netherlands Hilti Store

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Schaan, Liechtenstein Hilti Headquarters

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Kaufering, Germany Chemical Innovation Center

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Lewisville, Texas, USA Dallas National Distribution Center

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Kecskemét, Hungary Plant in Kecskemét

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Gujarat, India Plant in Gujarat

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Buchs, Switzerland International School Rheintal

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About Great Place to Work®

In 2023, Hilti was once again recognized as one of the best workplaces globally by Great Place to Work®, ranking 12th among the top 25 companies worldwide. This accolade reflects the exceptional experiences and opinions of our team members across multiple regions, including Europe, Latin America and Asia.

The Great Place to Work® assessment involves analyzing confidential survey responses from over 6.2 million employees at certified organizations worldwide. These surveys measure key aspects of workplace culture, including trust between employees and the leadership, leadership effectiveness, adherence to company values, employee motivation and innovation, as well as the potential for all employees to reach their full potential. Notably, it is the only award of its kind to evaluate companies based on how fairly employees are treated, regardless of their role or identity.

This year’s global accolade is especially significant as it reflects the certification and ranking of 17 Hilti entities on national best workplaces lists in various countries, underlining our commitment to creating an outstanding employee experience worldwide.

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