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Integrity – The Basis for Everything We Do

Photo: Hilti: Conversation between three workers

We want to make construction better. This ambition starts with us and means holding ourselves and our industry to the highest standards of business ethics. Our approach to business ethics is driven by the value of integrity as part of our caring and performance-driven culture. It is essential for successful and trust-based collaboration within our teams. Our commitments in the Code of Conduct directly contribute to our promise to be our customers’ best partner in improving sustainability. 

Truly ethical behavior and strict compliance with legal regulations and guidelines are the foundation for all our business activities. We act responsibly, while being credible, reliable and fully accountable every day and at all our locations worldwide. Neglecting or failing to follow these fundamental rules when conducting our business is in clear contravention of our corporate culture. Basing all our business activities on this foundation is an essential prerequisite for building and maintaining trustworthy relationships – with the Martin Hilti Family Trust, our employees, customers, business partners and the public at large. Every Hilti team member – without exception – is asked to respect this responsibility and exercise it according to the internal regulations.


We require all our team members and managers to act in accordance with the applicable legal framework and our internal company policies at all times. The Code of Conduct for Team Members defines the valid fundamentals of our daily actions. All team members are regularly trained on the essentials of compliance, with an emphasis on the risks of corruption, anti-competitive practices, conflicts of interest and discrimination. 

Our Executive Board members and senior leaders act as role models every day and, in doing so, set the tone for the compliance team’s work in bringing our Code of Conduct to life. We are all aware of the possible consequences of criminal behavior in the various countries we operate in. As a company we face the same risk, so we take action to resolve any non-compliance with the principles of this Code of Conduct. 

The principles of this Code of Conduct are binding for the Board of Directors, the Executive Board and all employees of the Hilti Group – including temporary workers and interns – to the extent allowed under local laws. Our suppliers and business partners are required to adhere to business principles consistent with our own.


For many years now, we have contractually required our suppliers to maintain fundamental requirements in the areas of human rights, labor standards, workplace safety and environmental protection, as well as regarding anti-corruption efforts, in our Code of Conduct for Suppliers. These standards remain applicable and are increasingly supported by national or international regulations and supply chain acts. Our sustainable sourcing policy addresses our sourcing requirements regarding supply chain integrity. We monitor our suppliers by means of various instruments, such as data-driven monitoring and physical audits.

Integrity, one of our core values, defines ethical and responsible business behavior for us.

Mirko Haase, Chief Compliance Officer

We are committed to the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and to respecting internationally recognized human rights as set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Declaration of the International Labor Organization on fundamental principles and rights at work.

We hold ourselves and the industry we operate in to the highest standards of business ethics.