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Uncompromise Jobsite Productivity

Photo: Hilti: Closeup of a Hilti tool on a table, somebody is attached a Nuron battery

If there’s one sentiment that sums up everything we do, it’s that we not only make construction better, but we also make life easier for our customers. Nuron, our 22V cordless battery platform, features more than 100 tools for applications that range from breaking and cutting to drilling and fastening.

Customers can streamline their tool crib, work faster, rely on more safety features and benefit from data-driven services designed to help teams stay productive and get the job done faster. In 2023 we completed the Nuron rollout across all markets and provided our customers with access to unprecedented levels of jobsite productivity.


Photo: Hilti: View from top of a building which is currently under construction
Find out how our customers can benefit by elevating jobsite productivity to new levels.

How the Nuron cordless platform can boost productivity

One platform convenience

Simplify your tool crib – run everything from drill drivers to cutting tools to heavy-duty demolition hammers on the same battery platform.

Higher performance

Get up to twice the power and run time of equivalent 18V and 20V platforms and more power than 36V, corded or gas.

Reduce downtime

Locate idle or hoarded tools, get help finding missing tools and even receive alerts when batteries need replacing with data-driven services.

Protect your teams

Advanced safety solutions include our unique auto shut-off functions for angle grinders, versatile dust control systems, tool tethering and more.

Photo: Hilti: A man stands in a Hilti warehouse and looks at his cell phone. On the table is a Hilti devicePhoto: Hilti: A man stands in a Hilti warehouse and looks at his cell phone. On the table is a Hilti device

How Nuron’s data-driven services help to keep jobsites productive

Jobsite management is an imperative when it comes to productivity. Missing or damaged tools, unused equipment lying around, out-of-date safety certifications – managing resources can be time-consuming and expensive. Nuron provides system data on last seen tool location, usage and utilization. The data-driven services of Nuron, combined with our ON!Track and Fleet Management solutions, helps our customers to:

  • Find tools faster by seeing where they were last charged
  • Prevent downtime by receiving notifications when battery capacity drops below productive levels over its lifetime
  • Reduce tool spending by helping to identify idle equipment
Photo: Hilti: View from below, someone is standing on scaffolding and holding a Hilti tool in his handPhoto: Hilti: View from below, someone is standing on scaffolding and holding a Hilti tool in his hand

Putting jobsite safety center stage

With Nuron, we’ve increased the number of cordless power tools with technologies designed to protect teams:

  • Dust Removal System for virtually all tools helps to reduce exposure to construction dust
  • Tethering options for Nuron tools helps reduce the risk of falling objects when working at heights
  • Active Vibration Reduction helps minimize exposure to hand-arm vibration and increases working comfort
  • Active Torque Control helps reduce the risk of tool kickback
Photo: Hilti: Closeup of a Hilti tool in the hands of a personPhoto: Hilti: Closeup of a Hilti tool in the hands of a person

Nuron tools for more sustainable jobsites

Nuron is about more than productivity and profitability. Here’s how the Nuron platform can help you operate more sustainably:

  • One for all: With Nuron, we offer all cordless tools on one, fully compatible platform, reducing the total number of batteries and chargers needed for users
  • Up to 27 percent of a Hilti tool’s mass is made of recycled material, including steel and plastic
  • We reuse or recycle tools when possible to help boost the circular economy
  • The vast majority of Nuron tools run on highly efficient brushless drives with high energy efficiency, thus reducing the power consumption.
  • Nuron tools, batteries and chargers are designed and built for tough jobsite conditions and thus made for long lifetime, reducing the need for replacements caused by damage.
Photo: Hilti: Plenty Hilti devices set up in a warehouse for illustration purposes
Photo: Lead 2030

With Nuron, we keep our customers’ promise of being their best partner for productivity, safety, and sustainability. Discover how with Lead 2030 Hilti is Making Construction Better.

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