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Best Partner for Sustainability

Sustainability as Our Promise: The Telia Helsinki Data Center

Photo: Hilti: A server room with many servers left and right and blue light

In today’s digital era, the Telia Helsinki Data Center stands as the largest open data center in Scandinavia, marking a significant achievement in the field of innovative data management and eco-friendly technology.

Data centers have been known for high energy consumption, posing a stark contrast to the sustainability goals prevalent in today’s business environment.

Addressing this, Telia aimed to develop a data center environment that balances robust functionality with environmental consciousness. This ambition set the stage for numerous challenges, from managing the significant energy consumption to ensuring flexibility, safety and material efficiency during the construction and operation phases, while also achieving recognized environmental certifications.

Hilti joined as a key partner, not merely as a supplier but as a strategic ally contributing more than tools and solutions. From the beginning, Hilti and Telia worked together closely to create a data center that combines advanced technology with thoughtful environmental practices.

Vision & Challenges

The Telia Helsinki Data Center was designed with an ambitious goal: to manage vast amounts of data while maintaining an environmentally friendly approach. More than just a data repository, it’s an example of combining technology with environmental awareness, especially notable in a region recognized for its advanced technological solutions. The project faced several significant challenges:

Managing growth
Figuring out how to manage a growing amount of data without overusing natural resources was a major task for the team. It had to find innovative solutions to minimize energy use and emissions.

Using waste heat wisely
Telia wanted to make sure the heat produced by the data center was used for the benefit of nearby communities.

Handling digital waste
Also, Telia wanted to manage the increase of data and to reduce digital waste, which is crucial for maintaining a reliable, high-quality service.

Keeping data safe and accessible
The team had to ensure the data center was secure, reliable and easy to use, to earn client trust and make sure services run smoothly.

Balancing economics and environment
Telia and Hilti wanted to strategically align financial sensibility with environmental goals.

In addressing these challenges, Hilti stepped in with a clear vision: to merge technological advancement with environmental care.


As a strategic partner and innovation enabler, Hilti’s role was crucial in addressing the Telia Helsinki Data Center’s challenges, driving both environmental care and operational efficiency. Key measures included:

Telia Helsinki Data Center

Photo: Hilti: Skyview of the Telia Data Center building

Aisle containment system

Hilti’s solutions provided a way to effectively separate hot and cold air in the data halls. Not only ensuring optimal operating conditions but also reducing the energy consumed for cooling purposes.

Photo: Hilti: Hilti aisle containment system

Modular support systems

These systems were implemented to assure that the aisles can be adjusted and modified with ease to meet the data center’s evolving needs, ensuring flexibility without compromising on stability or safety.

Photo: Hilti: Closeup of Hilti modular support system attached to a ceiling

Firestop solutions

Utilizing Hilti speed sleeves, which are easy to both re-open and re-seal, ensures future adaptability (e.g. (re)penetration of cables) while maintaining the crucial air-tightness that contributes to energy efficiency and safety.

Photo: Hilti: Closeup of Hilti speed sleeves attached to a wall

These solutions were integral in the Telia Helsinki Data Center’s achieving LEED Gold certification, which stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.”

Achieving LEED Gold

A key moment in the project was the integration of Hilti’s cooling solution, which ensures energy-efficient operation. This not only enhanced the data center’s functionality but was also crucial in attaining LEED Gold certification, highlighting the joint commitment of Hilti and Telia to responsible environmental practices.

Collaboration in Action

Photo: Hilti: Hilti aisle containment system
Watch as Tero Niemelä, Data Center Sales Lead at Telia Helsinki Data Center, explores the reasons for choosing Hilti as a key partner, highlighting shared values in sustainability and efficiency.
Photo: Hilti: Portrait of Tero Niemelä

We at Telia Helsinki Data Center are dedicated to offering our customers top-tier, secure data center services. Our collaboration with Hilti is rooted in a mutual commitment to CO2 neutrality and a passion for a circular economy. Hilti’s modular solutions empower us to commission data halls swiftly, aligning perfectly with our operational needs and environmental goals. Choosing Hilti for the Telia Helsinki Data Center was a decision that perfectly mirrors our values and objectives.

Tero Niemelä, Data Center Sales Lead at Telia Helsinki Data Center

With the Telia Helsinki Data Center now operational, the collaboration between Hilti and Telia brings to light a crucial message: Achieving sustainable and technologically sophisticated infrastructure is not just a goal for the future, but a reality within reach. This partnership, grounded in a shared vision for a circular economy and CO2 neutrality, demonstrates how technological advancements can be harmoniously balanced with environmental responsibilities.

Photo: Hilti: Portrait of Joonas Haikiö

Hilti’s role extends beyond being a supplier. We are enablers of innovation. In the Telia Helsinki Data Center, our contributions have been instrumental in realizing a project that not only achieves operational excellence but also embodies a profound commitment to sustainability, as evidenced by the LEED Gold certification. This project is a testament to the collaborative spirit, where combined efforts lead to extraordinary results.

Joonas Häikiö, Hilti Business Developer

Looking forward, Hilti remains committed to empowering our customers, like Telia, to achieve their sustainability goals, ensuring that each project is more than just a structure – it’s a statement of environmental stewardship and technological progression.

Photo: Lead 2030

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