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Creating a Workplace Where Everyone Thrives

Photo: Hilti: A collage of the portrait photos of Owen, Doreen and Robert

With about 34,000 team members, operating across more than 120 countries, we are committed to nurturing an inclusive culture where every person feels valued and experiences a sense of belonging.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are ever-evolving topics with an increasing importance in society. We recognize that incorporating these elements into our working environment enhances engagement and talent attraction while leading to improved business results. With the launch of our new corporate strategy, Lead 2030, we have re-evaluated our approach to diversity and inclusion to better align with the needs and expectations of our team members and our business.

Our new DEI strategy expands our vision to encompass equity, welcoming visible and invisible diversity, and focusing on embracing diversity of thought. At Hilti, our aim is that everyone, no matter where they are based, what their role is or where they come from, feels welcome and included and have equal access to opportunities. 

Photo: Hilti: A group of young Hilti employees chatting

We want to source the best ideas and solutions from various mindsets and perspectives. This will guide us to become a great employer for everyone, everywhere and inspire truly engaged, inclusive and empowered teams. Driven by our caring and performance-oriented culture, we are integrating DEI into everything we do as our ongoing commitment, recognizing that every member of our team shares the ownership of creating a truly inclusive, equitable and diverse work environment.

We invite you to explore a series of narratives from our team members to learn how DEI is shaping their experiences at Hilti and positively impacting our business.

Owen He, he/his
General Manager of Hilti’s manufacturing plant in Shanghai, China

“I work on delivering on our commitment to DEI every day because I strongly believe DEI is a competitive advantage for our business and that it can make a real positive impact for our team members.”

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Doreen DiSalvo, she/her
Head of Brand and External Communications Northern Europe, Manchester, United Kingdom (UK)

“I heard someone once say that ‘diversity is a group of different people in the same space’.”

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Didier Robert, he/his
Corporate Culture & Business Coach Western Europe, Paris, France

“In a world of constant transformation, Hilti stands at the forefront, evolving with purpose. Hilti’s commitment to excellence and inclusion for all allows us to embrace our true selves and maintain balance in our lives. It’s a personal reality – I can truly be who I am at home, at work.”

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Photo: Hilti: three female employees in a modern office environment
Photo: Lead 2030

When working together we value and reward integrity, courage, teamwork and commitment. Discover how Our Foundation contributes to Making Construction Better.

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