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Photo: Hilti: A woman with an Indian dress standing next to a blue house and smiling

The Hilti Foundation was established in 1996 as a charitable foundation of the Martin Hilti Family Trust. Since 2007, the Foundation has been jointly funded by the Martin Hilti Family Trust and the Hilti Group.

The Hilti Foundation and the Hilti Group follow the common objective of creating value for society. With its global projects, the Hilti Foundation supports people from vulnerable social backgrounds and offers them opportunities to develop their skills and talents, which form the basis for an independent and self-determined life.

Since its beginning, the Hilti Foundation has continuously evolved. Supporting individual projects has been replaced by a strategic approach that aims at systemic change. Based on clearly defined focus areas, the Hilti Foundation develops projects and networks together with highly competent partners. They share the same values and contribute their experience and skills to make the local projects even more successful. 

The Hilti Foundation focuses on three areas:


  • Music for Social Change empowers young people develop skills and learn key life lessons that can open the door to a self-determined future.
  • Affordable Housing & Technology seeks to change how low-income families build and live. 
  • Economic Empowerment enables people in need to become economically independent.

The goal of all focus areas is to empower people in need to lead independent and self-determined lives.

Photo: Hilti: Michele Frey-Hilti

Talent is evenly distributed around the world, but opportunities are not. As a family but also a corporate group, we want to give back. The Hilti Foundation is therefore committed to helping people around the world help themselves and empowering them to live a self-determined and better life.

Michèle Frey-Hilti, Member of the Board of Directors, Hilti Group; Member of the Hilti Foundation Board
Photo: Hilti: Jahangir Doongaji

Creating positive social impact is extremely important to us. Not only because our team members, our partners and our customers expect this of us, but because it is at the core of who we are – and have always been – as a company.

Jahangir Doongaji, Chief Executive Officer, Hilti Group; Member of the Hilti Foundation Board