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Better Experiences

Making Our Customers’ Experiences Better

Photo: Hilti: Two workers with helmets are standing on the construction site looking at a tablet.

In any customer service scenario, it’s natural to not think twice when things go right. It’s more often that companies hear from their customers when things could be better. It takes a lot of courage to recognize when improvements are needed, and even more to untangle the complex business processes behind a premium customer experience.

Reliability. Accessibility. Transparency. Exceeding Expectations.

We aim to deliver a superior experience to our customers where it matters. This effort is stronger than ever thanks to our new group strategy and the ambitious and clear commitment to customer experience (CX). It begins with a common in-house language and understanding of our core customer interactions. One of the eight customer journeys we have defined is the customer repair journey. With this journey, we analyse our processes from the customer’s perspective and use the data to continuously improve their experience with our services.

Tested and proven improvements to our customer experience

In 2023, we ran pilot projects in Europe and North America testing two of the most visible customer journeys: from order through delivery and payment, and repair requests. Our new structured processes for gathering and managing feedback invite our customers to share their experiences. Doing so reinforces what we want to keep doing right and helps uncover perspectives that were going entirely unnoticed before.

The customer feedback management process and CX framework is a significant step toward optimizing every interaction across every channel and elevating customer experience.

Ximena Aldea, Head of Customer Experience & Ecommerce at Hilti Digital Marketing in Paris

Repair Journey Example

“The results gathered from customers’ feedback are instrumental in identifying the gaps and taking the necessary action for our partners and team members. Our teams are using these insights to collaboratively create positive interactions along the customers’ journey and enhancing their engagement level with Hilti,” said Justine Bailly, Head of Market Reach Excellence and Customer Experience for Europe Region 2.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Here’s what customers have to say: 

Photo: Hilti: A man speaks into the camera.

We’ve been partners for our customers from the moment we went into business. Good customer experience isn’t new for us, but 2023 marks the moment that we elevated our approach for this aspect of our brand’s promise. We’re putting emphasis on making what are otherwise mundane interactions in a customer-vendor relationship as innovative and remarkable as what’s in the red box.

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